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We offer YOUR boats!

Office directly on the pier. You can immediately see the ships and make an order.

380m from metro. Convenient access, parking.

Rent of the ship and boat Kyiv, walks along the Dnieper


Own banquet and pleasure fleet

We have one of the best ships of this class in Kyiv, regularly upgraded and updated. beautiful, a variety of banquet halls on each ship are made in your own unique style


High-quality service on the ship and on the shore

During our more than 25 years of work, we have selected the best specialists who will make every effort to ensure that your event or celebration left you and your guests with unforgettable good memories for the rest of my life.


Experienced catering service, banquets

Highly qualified staff will prepare you a delicious Catering for any event within your budget. Experienced waiters and chefs with a high level of service.


Flexible prices, promotions and special offers

We are ship owners, contacting us without intermediaries get a real opportunity to hold an event at any budget. We only promise what we can actually deliver..


Rent a ship in Kyiv from the owner

The steamship company Hydropark offers such a service as boat rental in Kyiv directly from the owner. We have been operating in the market for the provision of services on ships for 25 years, and have already spent a huge number of events such as anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, children's parties, seminars, birthdays. Our company can organize a full cycle of services: selection of a motor ship, make a menu and prepare banquet on the ship any complexity, help in choosing a DJ, musical accompaniment, show programs, children's animators, event decor, and much more other.

Why is it profitable to rent from the owner:

• quick coordination of any actions and conditions;

• reliable cooperation;

• opportunity to get the best conditions on the market;

• flexible pricing policy;

• complete and reliable information about the ship owner;

Motor ship rental in Kyiv - about safety:

We put the safety of our customers first;

Captains and mechanics of motor ships have many years of experience on the Dnieper River and not only;

Passenger transportation is licensed and has all the supporting documents that you can see;

We provide motor ships for rent in Kyiv, having all the relevant permits.

In addition, we try to expand the banquet fleet every year, update the interior so that your stay on the ship was the most comfortable. ample opportunities for restaurant service: a banquet or a buffet table. Our style work lies in the fact that we work extremely honestly and transparently with our clients, providing maximum and high-quality selection with prices from the owner.

We are interested in you contacting us again and recommending our company to your friends and acquaintances!


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Boat trips

Walks from the pier "Metro Dnepr" Panorama of Kyiv, Children's program, Kiev sea - gateway



Walk on the Kiev Sea

The ship departs from the pier "Metro Dnepr" for a walk from the passage of the gateway of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station..



Corporate. Quadcopter

The ship departs from the pier "Metro Hydropark" for a walk along the Dnieper to Veliky Island.



Birthday on a boat

Wedding, corporate party, birthday on the ship and Veliky Island in Kyiv.




Berth of pleasure boats - 3D walk

A virtual tour of the pier. Boat at the pier "Metro Dnepr" preparing for a walk along the Dnieper Kyiv.


Berth of the Hydropark Steamship Company. Rent a motor ship, walks along the Dnieper

3D virtual tour of the pier in Hydropark, Kyiv.



Rent and boat trip

Motor ships depart from the pier "Metro Dnepr" and from Hydropark, where you can immediately find out the price of rent and the cost of a boat or boat trip. You can choose an inexpensive and good ship (boat).


Boat rental Kyiv cheap

Our office on the pier, where it is convenient to rent a boat for a wedding and an event. You can find out the cost rent of a motor ship (boat) and the price of a ticket for a trip along the Dnieper. You can see and choose a boat.


Advise or tell me a good place to celebrate or celebrate Medical Worker's Day (Medic's Day) in Kyiv - a good option for celebrating Medical Worker's Day is a walk, banquet or corporate party on a ship or boat. On the ship you can celebrate a professional holiday. Kyiv likes to hold a wedding on a ship, and in Ukrainian it sounds like "flying on a steamboat near Kiev" or Ukraine, Kiev renting a steamboat. Ordering a ship at a low price - so, too, sometimes they look for a service on the Internet. Rent a ship for a walk along the Dnieper in Kyiv, a corporate party on a ship in Kyiv, a wedding on a ship for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 , 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 130, 140, 150 people (persons) in Kyiv, ordering a ship in Kyiv. Walks along the Dnieper in Kyiv. Our pier or pier for boats in Hydropark is a kind of small river port or river station, where both a small boat and our spacious boats and motor ships (ship) are moored. Renting our boats used to be popular in the shipping company Rentflot. To the question: "advise where in Kyiv to organize yachting, rent, order, rent a boat or ship," you can advise renting a motor ship, boat, yacht or boat from us. To ride a boat or rent a ship, it is not necessary to go to the Kyiv River Station, but just come to the pier in Hydropark and order a ship there or buy a ticket for a walk along the Dnieper. Rent a boat or boat to ride along the Dnieper. We organize entertainment and recreation on the river and the banks of the Dnieper, especially corporate holidays on the water with a boat trip to Veliky Island. Recreation on Veliky Island can be organized both on prepared sites and in nature. Here are the best boats and motor ships in Kyiv for rent and hire without intermediaries and reliable owners of motor ships, boats and yachts. The site has a page of owners of Kyiv boats, and there is an almost complete list or catalog of banquet and pleasure boats (motor ships, yachts) of Kyiv on the Dnieper.

Rent a boat and motor ship in 2022... (read more/hide text)

U nas, kak u sudovladel'tsa, vy mozhete vzyat' v arendu ili na prokat teplokhod bez posrednikov - to yest' iz pervykh ruk. My predlagayem odni iz luchshikh teplokhodov Kiyeva i pod klyuch organizovyvayem na nikh vash otdykh, svad'bu, korporativ, den' rozhdeniya, yubiley ili drugoye torzhestvo. Pri neobkhodimosti privlekayem spetsialistov, kotoryye sotrudnichayut s Parokhodnoy kompaniyey Gidropark v sfere organizatsii prazdnikov i keyteringa. Kiyev peresyshchen predlozheniyami arendy katera i yakhty. No malo kto predlagayet naprokat sobstvennyye i takiye krasivyye i prostornyye teplokhody, kak v nashey kompanii. Krome togo, chto nashi katera imeyut litsenziyu na perevozku passazhirov rechnym transportom, oni regulyarno moderniziruyutsya i obnovlyayutsya. V 2022 godu kiyevskiye passazhiry uvidyat udivitel'no krasivyye, raznoobraznyye i udobnyye banketnyye salony i prostornyye verkhniye paluby nashikh sudov. With us, as a ship owner, you can rent or rent a ship without intermediaries - that is, first-hand. We we offer some of the best motor ships in Kyiv and turnkey organize your vacation, wedding, corporate party, day on them birthday, anniversary or other celebration. If necessary, we involve specialists who cooperate with the Steamship company Hydropark in the field of organization of holidays and catering. Kyiv is oversaturated with boat and yacht rental offers. But few people offers to rent its own and such beautiful and spacious boats, as in our company. In addition, our boats are licensed to transport passengers by river transport, they are regularly modernized and updated. In 2022, Kyiv passengers will see amazingly beautiful, diverse and comfortable banquet halls and spacious upper decks of our ships.

Kyiv is a beautiful city on the Dnieper River with many pleasure piers and a river port. If you have to wedding, birthday or other holiday and you want to spend it inexpensively, but so that guests remember this celebration and be surprised by the originality, we suggest contacting us at the Hydropark Shipping Company. We can be called by phone or come to the office, which is located near the Hydropark metro station right on the pier with our motor ships and boats, which we have 7 units.

We can order a ship of any class at a fair price of a shipowner, not only for a wedding or an anniversary, but also for recreation on the water, a trip to Veliky Island for a professional holiday or a meeting of graduates and classmates. We will help you organize a holiday starting from the script leading up to a wonderful and beautiful banquet or buffet from 10 to 150 people. Can be ordered a boat for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 people, because the price or cost of renting a ship does not depend on the number of passengers. We constantly care about safety on the water, about maintaining our boats in a technically sound and comfortable condition for passengers. The company has not only a valid license for passenger transportation on the Dnieper River, but also its own well-trained crews of river ships.

If you need to see the full list of Kyiv motor ships (boats, yachts), then this can be done on our website. Here you can choose a good motor ship or a boat from the catalog and order its rental for a wedding, birthday or other celebration. We organize exciting walks along the Dnieper, going on vacation or a picnic to Veliky Island with a barbecue menu, barbecue and fish soup. Call - we will advise and suggest a good and inexpensive option.

We offer to rent or rent a boat from us. We are owners of river vessels (motor ships, boats, yachts) and have a long-term experience and the best ships in Kyiv. Rent of motor ships for a walk along the Dnieper, weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations, holidays on the island A great plus is the organization and holding of these events on the ship (boat, yacht) - the main specialization of the Hydropark Shipping Company.

Renting a ship in Kyiv differs from a standard holiday in a restaurant in that the holiday on the ship will become original, more bright, cozy, romantic.

Kyiv, wedding, ship, boat - it's so romantic. A wedding on a ship in Kyiv is very popular and accessible to many, because rent a boat for a wedding is not as expensive as it seems. To create a bright and unusual holiday, we offer the arena the best motor ships with beautiful interiors and decks specially prepared for the wedding. Experienced professionals will help to develop a script for the wedding, they will help to order and organize an outdoor wedding ceremony, offer a menu for a wedding banquet (we have good catering or otherwise - off-site restaurant service), will help you choose a toastmaster or host for a wedding, show program. Booking performances by exclusive musicians and performers - decoration and highlight of your wedding on the ship. Renting a ship for a wedding - and your wedding celebration will be unforgettable.

Renting motor ships in Kyiv is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the capital of Ukraine. Excursion on a boat along Kyiv along the Dnieper will open familiar city from a new perspective. Kyiv from the ship is beautiful, especially in the evening and at night. Boat rental for corporate parties will turn this event into a real holiday, you will admire the night Kyiv, we will organize a buffet table. You can order a show on the ship or invite a virtuoso bandura player playing modern club music and a corporate party on a ship will become a fairy tale. Profitable and inexpensive order a boat or other vessel from its owner. Owner websites Kyiv ships can be found here: rent of motor ships in Kyiv.

A corporate party on a ship (corporate holiday, vacation, professional holiday on a ship) is an unforgettable atmosphere unity and cohesion of any corporate team. Renting a ship in Kyiv for a corporate party or recreation - and all things, work, urban vanity, worries will be left behind, and ahead are waiting for a pier, a ship, a river, a fun holiday on the deck and in the cabin of the ship, a buffet table or a banquet, entertainment and competitions on the island or on the banks of the Dnieper, fish soup, swimming, clean air. Nothing unites a corporate team like that, as an event on a boat, a trip on a boat. Rent of motor ships in Kyiv for a corporate party, collective vacation on the ship и boat trips on the Dnieper are popular.



Steamship company Hydropark

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